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In the Swedish province of Värmland lies the beautiful village of Butorp. Located closely to the forest and the wilderness. Here you can go on wilderness hikes, pick berries & mushrooms or go out tracking for moose, wolfs or lynx. There are also several activities available in the village, such as game fishing in the fishing pond or horseback riding. The proximity to Karlstad (45 min by car) as well as the rest of Värmland makes Butorp an ideal place to visit while in Värmland. And for those wanting to stay for a few days or longer there is accommodation available at the village

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Situated high on the hill in the forest close to the village is the cabin “Björnvålsfallet”. A traditional Swedish red cabin with white details. Close to the wilderness and adventures. But also close to the activities in the village. Cozy accommodation which enables visitors to enjoy longer stays and try everything that Butorp & the rest off Värmland has to offer

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Game Fishing

At the western end of the village lies our beautiful fishing pond.
Go fishing for trout or rainbow trout with spinning or fly rod in this put and take fishing water.
One day fishing licenses are available for purchase at the pond

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Wilderness Hikes

Join in on a hike in the woods and experience the wilderness!
See tracks from wild animals and learn more about flora and fauna!
Experience beautiful nature, fantastic scenery and learn more about the history of the woods and the village

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