Butorp and the surrounding area has a lot of activities to offer.
So make sure you stop by at our village, stay for a while at Björnvålsfallet and enjoy the activities and events that are available nearby.

In Butorp

In Butorp and the immediate surroundings you go for a Wilderness Hike. There is swimming and fishing in the village lake, Åstjärn, as well as Game fishing in the fishing pond. At Butorpsryttarna there is Horseback riding. In the nearby forests you can pick berries and mushrooms and walk many of the hiking trails nearby, such as Butorpsleden, Pinoleden & Säternrundan. And if you travel further from Butorp there is countless kilometers of hiking trail all throughout Värmland.

Depending on season and supply you can also buy freshly harvested honey, eggs or other locally produced goods in the village. The surrounding forest trails and gravel roads are also suitable for long walks or bicycling.

It is also possible to use the bicycle as a means of getting to Butorp from places like Karlstad, Munkfors or Forshaga. Use the bike trail Klarälvsbanan

In the vicinity

On close by river Klarälven there are paddling trips, rafting trips as well as fishing. During the summertime there is also an abundance of auktions and flea markets throughout the area and Värmland in general. In close by Tidafors there is Tidafors Loppis that stays open all the year round.

If you´ld like a break from the forest you can go to nearby Mårbacka – home of famous author Selma Lagerlöf. Mårbacka is on the way to nearby town Sunne where you can go for a stroll or maybe treat yourself to something special at Selma Spa. In Sunne you can also find Sunne Sommarland (found in English at as well) a waterpark. At their Camping you can also find miniature golf and other activities that are fun for the kids and the whole family.

If you are interested in arts you should head over to the old power station in Deje – Gamla Kraftstationen with lots of interesting exhibits. And if you travel the area by car you will find lots of local galleries and exhibits open during summer. For those interested in the Opera you can make your way to Karlstad (approx 50 mins by car) and visit Wermland Opera.


In Värmland there is also a lot of events to suit all kinds of interests. Such as:
World Rally Cross of Sweden – Höljes – Northern Värmland
Raise your fist for metal – Music event in Forshaga
Nordic Dog Show – Ransäter
Putte i Parken – Music festival in Karlstad

And much, much more…
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