About Butorp

About Butorp

Getting here

By car:
The most common route to Butorp is by going on road 62 to Olsäter. Pass through Olsäter follow the signs left towards Butorp.
It is also possible to reach the village from the east. Follow road 63 to Molkom. Make a left turn onto road 240 towards Hagfors/Älvsbacka. After a little over 4 km follow the signs and make a turn left towards Tidafors. From thereon stay on the road (which turns from asphalt to gravel) all the way to Butorp (approx 12 km signed towards Butorp/Olsäter)
If you have a smartphone you can find Butorp in your map application and receive GPS-instructions through your phone

By bike:
Butorp is also reachable by bicycle. The cycle path Klarälvsbanan heads past Olsäter. This makes Butorp reachable from towns like Karlstad, Forshaga or Deje in the south or Munkfors and Hagfors in the north.
Butorp is a perfect stop on your trip along Klarälvsbanan. Make a right turn off the bike path at Olsäter and head north on the asphalt road towards Butorp

Once you have arrived at the village, the pond for game fishing is at the western most part of the village (where you first arrive coming from Olsäter). Björnvålsfallet (the accommodation) is found north of the village. Signs towards Björnvålsfallet is found while travelling north of the lake Åstjärn. Start of the hikingtrail Butorpsleden is found at Björnvålsfallet

You can find Butorp between Munkfors and Deje

Butorp is in the Swedish region of Värmland

Situated between Oslo and Stockholm, Värmland and Butorp is an ideal stop while traveling through Scandinavia


A short text about Butorp and the history of the village will appear here in a short while

Aerial photo of Butorp, 1935